Suomenlinnan Studio is a recording studio located on Suomenlinna Island in front of Helsinki. We boast four control rooms kitted to different needs – whether it’s tracking live bands, mixing and mastering your record, music production, writing songs or sound design, we have a space for you.

Our studios are housed within a stone-arched-roof building, built in the early 19th century. The island has it’s own peaceful and laid back atmosphere and the control-room view of the sea with Helsinki centre behind it makes it easy and enjoyable to keep your focus where it needs to be – on the music.



Enter our flagship control room. With a focus on production, mixing and mastering, Studio I offers a modern all-in-one approach for making great music and sound design.

Enjoy our collection of classic analog synths, assorted software and sound libraries or just connect your own gear to our systems with considerable ease.

The big space makes a perfect setting for seminars, screenings and listening sessions with its installment of projector, video screen and surround sound.

Live & Track

Equipped with some of the best gear available and cutting-egde monitoring technology, our tracking control room provides a great environment for hosting your recording sessions.

The tracking room draws it charm from the original vaulted stone ceiling dating back to the 19th century. Two small isolated booths allow housing of your guitar and bass cabinets and two further larger booths are available upon request.

Studio II also works as a production center for songwriters, producers and sound designers alike. Hosting an assortment of virtual instruments, sample libraries, industry standard plug-ins and hands-on control surfaces, this setup effortlessly becomes an extension of your creativity.

Haista II

Haista II continues the tradition of the legendary Haista I –studio, based in Vartiokylä, Helsinki, in 2009-2014. Haista II works under Suomenlinna Studios and provides a perfect working space for producer-based music.

In the heart of the studio is a big analogue mixing console connected to all the analogue synthesizers and electronic instruments in the room. Designed for maximum efficiency, routing and testing out different sound sources and instrument combinations is extremely fast and easy.

Each synthesizer is MIDI-connected so you can play out your own compositions from premade files in a breeze. There is also two recording booths adjoined, another suited for vocal and drum recordings and the other for amplifier work. The studio is also fully equipped for analog mixes. Route your mixes from the console into our master tape recorder and up the ante on analog warmth and sound.


Studio 3 is a hybrid production suite for mixing, composing and audio post-production. Here you can find our largest selection of virtual instruments, SFX material and post-production tools.

Together with it’s isolated booth, Studio III makes a perfect place for vocal recordings, voice-overs, guitar tracking and re-amping.

Common Spaces

There is a lounge / dining space with a cozy fireplace in our studio. A well-equipped kitchen and shower facilities are at your disposal.

We can also arrange catering and/or accommodations on the island should you wish so.


Tapio Tamminen

Head of the Studio

Tommi Tikkanen

producer / composer / mastering /
recording & mixing engineer

+358 50 365 8167 /

Also known as Bommitommi, Tikkanen has been working in the building for 17 years, whipping out several gold and platinum singles and albums both at his own Ylivoima-studio and Suomenlinnan Studio as well as winning multiple Emma Awards for his various roles on different albums and tunes. Tommi is known first and foremost for his urban and reggae productions, but he’s experienced in other styles as well, ranging from all kinds of live music to film scoring. His background as a musician shows – a keen ear for arrangements and an encouraging attitude is present in every session.

Viktor Gullichsen

recording & mixing engineer / sound designer

+358 40 841 4405

Viktor is our swiss army knife of audio and music production. With years of experience, education and a wide network of specialists, he can help you find a solution for your production; no matter the size or scope.

Day to day he works mainly on tracking & mixing metal music and scoring films.

He’s also the lead vocalist of metal band Brymir and one half of psy trance duo Evocatone.

Ilari Larjosto

recording / producer / mixing / mastering

+358 45 676 2104 /

Ilari Larjosto (1986) is a drummer, producer, session musician for multiple bands and a mixing, mastering and recording engineer for countless projects. He has dedicated his whole life to music and sound.

He is running the synth and analog gear driven Haista studio under the same roof with Suomenlinnan Studio.

Discography (.pdf)

Pirkka Räisänen

producer / composer / mastering /
recording & mixing engineer

+358 41 747 7024

Pirkka Räisänen, also known as Pike, is a producer/engineer specialized in rap, r’n’b and pop music. Whatever the genre, Pike aims to keep the customer happy. His vision, working alongside artists such as Saurus, Teflon Brothers, JVG & Timi Lexikon is getting results with several tunes recently getting playlisted on major radio stations as well as achieving platinum sales.

Niko Liinamaa

producer / writer / composer

+358 50 377 1022

Niko Liinamaa aka Kalifornia-Keke works as a producer, writer & composer. He is know for having a long run with electronic and rap music, working with likes of Ruger Hauer & Paperi T, which earned him respected Teosto & Emma awards. For him the most important aspects of making music are creativity, quality and keeping up with all things fresh.

Mauri Syrjälä

producer / mixing & mastering engineer

+358 40 968 5585

Mauri Syrjälä is a producer, mixing and mastering engineer originally from Jyväskylä, Finland. Having gotten into producing and engineering already as a teenager, he has worked with all kinds of genres ranging from electronic to pop and all the way to hardcore punk. With a sharp ear and steady focus on the aesthetics of sound, he can make the best out of your music regardless of the genre.



Suomenlinnan Studio